Awards and Prizes

Competition program consists of 11 contests.

One (1) winner is determined in each contest and awarded for Grand Prix. Each contest consists of competitive categories. Winners (“gold”, “silver”, “bronze”) and finalists (short list) are determined in each category. 

There can be no more than two (2) “gold”, two (2) “silver” and three (3) “bronze” winners in each category. The number of the finalists is not limited. The jury has the right not to award prizes because of the non-compliance to evaluation criteria. The jury may decide to award the special prizes in some cases.

According to results of all contests of the official program, the Executive Jury will determine the best advertising entry of the Festival, which will be awarded the Festival Grand Prix.

Festival Grand Prix will be chosen from the Grand Prix of each contest or from the «gold» winners of each contest.

If the winner gets the title of the best entry of the competition, as well as this or that award, in addition, this entry gets all awards, but the reward points are not cumulative, except the Festival Grand Prix. The reward points are added to the Festival Grand Prix.

To conclude the results of the contest, we are compiling the list of participants with their respective points and contest awards. The Best Agency of the Festival is given to the agency that takes the first place.

The victory, prize, reaching the final or a Special Jury Prize (not applicable for special prizes from our partners and sponsors) bring the following points:

Special Jury Prize – 1 point

«Finalist» — 2 points

«Bronze” — 4 points

Silver” — 6 points

Gold” — 8 points

Grand Prix of contest — 10 points

Festival Grand Prix — 15 points