Entries submit


Registration of participants' entries s is online at the Festival until 25 April 2014.

1. Preparation for participation:

— Read through the rules and categories in the entry section. 

—  Check the material requirements for each entry section.

Attention! Only materials that have been created since January, 2013 till April, 2014 and haven't take part in the previous KIAF, could take part in the competition program. One and the same entry can be submitted in several contests/categories*, and it will be judged by different panels of jury.

* One and the same entry (series of entries or advertising campaign) should be submitted no more than in 2 categories of each contest, except contests E. Film Craft, BC. Print Craft, DC. Radio Craft and G. Digital&Mobile

—  Each category has its own requirements for loading entries. Read them and check if the file specified technical parameters. Please check that any files uploaded, do not contain the name and logo of the agency.

2. Register on the festival site: 

— Fill in all fields;  

— Please check your contact information carefully. It will be used for communication with the Organizing Committee; 

— Make sure that you have entered the company/agency name without quotation marks, parentheses, and ownership to the field «Participant’s name», because its duplicated on the site, in the diploma and KIAF Ceremony.

— The account activation details will be sent to you by e-mail after you provide all required information.

— Activate your account by clicking on the link in the email. Then you can upload entry.

3. Submit your entry:

— Choose the suitable contest/category and complete the entry form;

— Complete all information about the agency team.;

— Check the form details and click «Submit»;

— Upload your entry on-line and please make sure your files meet our requirements. 
Attention! Editing is possible only BEFORE the invoice request.

4. Request an invoice for payment  after completing the registration entries:

— To request an account, make sure that the application is filled out correctly. Also to upload your entry online please make sure your files meet our requirements. Editing is possible only before the invoice request;

— Go to «My bills» of your personal account  and check entries that are ready to participate and payment;

— Select form of payment and click «Submit».
An invoice will be sent in a 3-day period by fax or e-mail. 

Attention! Entries are accepted to participate only after a request account (button«Submit»)!

5. You can send the printed versions of your materials before May, 2 (optional) to KIAF’s Organizing Committee if you take part in F. DESIGN contest.