Costs and payments

Participant request an invoice for payment using the button «invoice» in the personal page.

Payment for participation takes place after the completing of  registration forms on the festival website. Invoices are formed on “request” which notifies directly from a site. 

Please pay attention – you couldn’t edit entry form after sending request!

Invoices will be sent to the contact fax number or an e-mail specified in the registration form. Ukrainian participants should pay in UAH, non-residents – in Euro.

Paymentfor participation in competitions held by non-cash (for individuals — through the cashier of the bank) or by credit card.

Entries costs

Contest   Cost**        
 A. FILM*                                    125 €
 B. PRINT*                                        85 €
 C. OUTDOOR*                                 85 €
 D. RADIO*                                      85 €
 E. FILM CRAFT                             125 €
 F. DESIGN*                                    85 €
 G. DIGITAL & MOBILE                           125€
 I. PR                          125 €

Please pay attention, prices are not include taxes

30% discount is given on series of entries (three or more entries in one contest as a part of a campaign). Every entry should have a clear indication of belonging to certain series in application form. 

Please pay attention! 30% discount is valid for categories: A. FILM, B. PRINT (except for BC. PRINT CRAFT), C. OUTDOOR, D. RADIO (except for DC. RADIO CRAFT)  and F. DESIGN.

Cost of participation to Gala 15th KIAF (per one person) - 600 UAH / 50 €

Price is not include taxes

**20% discount for participation in contest program for actual members of the All-Ukrainian advertising coalition.

5% discount for participation in contest program for associated members of the All-Ukrainian advertising coalition

10% discount for participation in contest program for members of ACAR|RAMS (Russian Federation)