Contest categories

A-1. Foods
All products, including frozen, baby food, dairy, pet foods etc.
A-2. Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Coffee, tea, chocolate & malt drinks, still & carbonated drinks, fruit & vegetable juices, mineral waters, milk & flavoured milk
A-3. Alcoholic Drinks
Beer (incl. non-alcoholic beer), cider, lager, wine, champagne, spirits, liqueurs
A-4. Household
Detergents, paints, adhesives, repairs, light bulbs etc.
A-5. Home furnishing & appliances
House and garden furniture, appliances, etc.
A-6. Home Electronics & Audio-Visual
Televisions, video players, cameras, personal stereos, CD players, MP3 players, home computers, personal phone equipment incl. mobile phones etc.
A-7. Health & Beauty
Perfumes, cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals, medical services etc.
A-8. Fashion and other consumer goods
Clothing, footwear, accessories, dry goods, jewelry, stationery, etc.
A-9. Vehicles and transport services, car
Cars, car accessories, gas stations, taxis, air and rail transportation, etc.
A-10. Entertainment , Leisure, Travel
Travel agencies, hotels, resorts, sporting events, gyms, festivals, concerts, museums, exhibitions, cinemas, etc.
A-11. Consumer & retail services
Supermarkets, shops, restaurants, cafes, laundries, dry cleaners, etc.
A-12. Telecommunications services
Mobile operators, internet services, cable, satellite TV, postal services etc.
A-13. Banking, Investment & Insurance
Banks, building societies, credit cards, current & savings accounts, mortgages & loans, investment companies, personal, health & building insurance, car insurance, pension & retirement plans, real estate investment
A-14. Publications , Media & Self promo
A-15. Corporate Image
Non-product-based company image, competition & event sponsorship, Christmas messages, company mergers, flotation & relocation
A-16. Social advertising, Fundraising, Donations and Appeals
Charities, donation appeals, funds and foundations, volunteers etc.
A-17. Internet Film
Commercials intended to show exclusively on the Internet
A-18. Corporate film
Presentation film no more than 5 minutes about brand or company. Trailers and cut version are acceptable
A-19. Promo videos, TV programs and movies, radio intros and announces
A-20. Ads for digital monitors indoor and outdoor advertising, mobile phones etc

Entry requirements

  • Video format, resolution 720p, CODEC H.264, the data stream — not less than 1 Mbps.
  • Video are accepted as a link to YouTube or Vimeo. Please ensure that any files uploaded, do not contain the name of the agency.
  • To category  “Corporate film” you should submit the cut version of the video.
  • Pay attention! Each entry should contains English subtitles.

Entry fee

1500 UAH / 125 EUR

Please pay attention, prices are not include taxes.

Entry deadline

 April 25, 2014